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Crazy how these words were spoken more than 50 years ago and yet they perfectly describe what is going on today. The disconnect between man and nature or what we call our environment is alarming. We treat nature or our environment as an other. As if it is not us. We are part of it, we are one with it. Harming it only harms ourselves. The rush to produce disposable goods is driving us to extinction, everything is disposable. We have stopped fixing things and prefer throwing them away for newer ones...because we have been made to believe they are cheap. The true cost is hidden from us, the destruction that comes with it, in the form of human life, animal life and the environment as a whole. We can thump the Bible and holy books all we want and preach love. But that love we want and need to have is really one of our environment because that’s who we are, all of us. We are the environment happening together.