•• 🐝 Lazy monday ... après un petit dej au lit on chill avant de commencer la journée ! Bon lundi 🥐☀️🌴 (et vive les marques de bronzage sur les pieds 🤗) #hello #morning #chill #bedtime #morningvibes #monday #summer #legs #holidays #haveagoodday #sunnyday #chilling #takecare #goodvibes #like4like #morningsituation #hola #lebonheur #mondaygoals

About to #smoke a #bedtime #dubee. Helps to numb out the wicked stress of being stuck in Alberta again. FUCK this place.

Regrann from @ miamidadedogs - Happy Mia before #bedtime ... please read her story below she needs a true home. 🆘1 YEAR IN BOARDING🆘 . Please help me network Mia! 🙏🏼 she NEEDS a furever home 🐾 The staff at the hospital has done a wonderful job making sure she is loved and cared for but she needs a true family, a home. Meet Mia 💜💕 Back in AUGUST a client brought in Mia to be euthanized. After accessing the dog and the situation, instead of euthanizing her, Dr. Melgey made the decision that we would take ownership of her. She is a female spayed, bulldog mix, white and black in color. She is 5 years old, completely vaccinated and completely house broken, never has an accident. She does have a bit of separation anxiety. Nothing destructive, she just prefers a lot of attention and wants to be by your side at all times, especially during storms. We have no idea how she is with children. We have determined that she is a very good dog, sweet and playful. We feel she would be an amazing dog for an active family in a SINGLE ANIMAL HOME (she is food aggressive with other animals and also does not like every animal, especially cats). We just want this beautiful dog to have a great second chance at life. After all she deserves it! CONTACT CRYSTAL LAKE ANIMAL HOSPITAL (954)-941-6680 // e-mail: [email protected] - #regrann

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The look you get when you wake someone up from couch napping to go to bed. 💤 🐾 Judgement face strong. • • • #portland #oregon #yorkiesofinstagram #terriers #nofilter #instagood #sleepyhead #nightnight #pnw #bedtime