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2 ways in which you can influence the levels of life force energy in your chakras:👇 👉The first way in which you can influence the levels of prana or life force energy in your chakras is by exposing them to any form of energy vibrations or more commonly referred to as energy medicine. This can be crystals, Reiki, light or sound therapy, colour healing and more. By exposing your chakras to these alternative therapies, you will create a well balanced level of pranic energy which will flow through the body and clear / purify the chakras. 👉The second way which should be the easiest but is often the one most people struggle with in this day and age, is to be able to 'just be'. Make a decision and act on it. The key to being able to just be is relaxation without this the auric mental and emotional bodies hold on to limiting beliefs. So many of us are guilty of never having any down time, just not being able to relax even while having free time, we are always experiencing mind chatter, and therefore can never really step into the true mind, body, spirit experience. I would encourage everyone to make more of a conscious effort to do either of these more often in order to help maintain a well balanced chakra system and in turn a state of wellness overall. The second method especially, we should all aim to take at least 5 mins each day for ourselves and our self care. Lisa x

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