Beachwear up now ladies @depop

Cornish cobbles ☀️

Freaky collage at a "failed" photoshoot. #punx #disrupt #depop #depopseller #vintage

We at home today with the lurg! Will be sorting through some suitcases of clothes as soon as I can muster the energy to get out of bed with this long boy weighing me down! I'm not very good at succumbing to sickness as I love being busy, but have a very hectic schedule ahead so opting for a bed day before it kicks off. Anyone else rubbish at just...resting? Being forced to lie down can sometimes be a good thing but I'm not very talented at it. Here's to a day of recouping and counting sheep (or chasing them, in his case...🐑🐾)

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Siamo tornati all'ovile con tantissime camicie vintage. Ne trovate già alcune nelle storie! 🌸 tutte a mini prezzi

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