Get down and show me your stank faceeee

. Walk of Shame (Steven Brill, 2014) . Perfectionist reporter Meghan Miles (Elizabeth Banks) tries to make her way to work on time after a one-night-stand leaving her with a hangover and lost in central LA. . This movie might fit like a glove in the “Guilty Pleasure” category (if you check Rotten Tomatoes, chances are you’ll give up on watching it – so don’t!). If you’re looking for a silly comedy to not take very seriously and relax a bit, well, then this is the movie for you. Also, bonus points if you’ve ever lived in LA. You’ll find it extra funny, I guarantee. . IMDb 6.0 . #walkofshame #adaf Recommended by Renata

When old pics of me surface, I'm positive I can safely say you are getting the best version of me now. I regret nothing and I'm very happy to be here! Such a good boy now! 😇👍 I've got just a handful of extra goodies packages to include with pre orders of RUNNERS, smash the link in the bio because once I'm out I'm out. Get the strap