Monday morning vibes 🖤 let’s do this!

Play this in your head today on repeat! Over and over and over again! “Everything is always working out for me!” Because it is! 🙌 . . Now go have a kick ass Monday! 🦋 #megsmotivations #everythingisalwaysworkingoutforme #thoughtscreatethings #watchthosethoughts #highvibesonly #cocreatingthelifeofmydreams

....It’s all about last night.... after party selfiieee... with @gururandhawa ..... all credit goes to my dearest @alimercchant thanks a lott fr invite me.... ☺️😘 . . #guru #gururandhawa #highratedgabru #gujarattour #highvibesonly #afterparty #gururandhawa.in

Your success is found in your daily routine. Every day get up and set a goal. What are your goals for today? ▫️ 1. Every morning get up and set 10 goals for your day. ▫️ 2. Set the goals you did not accomplish and work on fixing them for the next day. ▫️ 3. Never let someone's opinion justify your actions. Keep doing you. ▫️ 4. Always tell yourself you were meant for greatness and you are going to impact a lot of people. ▫️ 5. Read more and watch movies because you get some great advice from movies if you listen to the words. ▫️ 6. Do not surround yourself with negative people even if they are your family. ▫️ 7. Be strong, capable and courageous. ▫️ 8. Express your story and build your brand. ▫️ 9. Invest in yourself first before investing in others. ▫️ 10. Support people that have the same mission as you and create a partnership. ▫️ Remember your words are powerful if they are said in the right context. Be the impact that people want to look up to. Set time away from your media and pick a good book to read, and begin to bring the imagination back you had as a kid. Always try to improve every day in your life and you will see an improvement in your lifestyle. — feeling positive! ✨💕🙌

Good Morning Gorgeous People!!Wooooo Hoooooo! Up bright and early. Feeling full of energy and cheerfulness this morning. Gratitude and a cheery smile are the best start to all days. . It’s Monday…It’s a new week with new goals…go out and make this week a great one! Think positive, work hard, take time for you and accomplish YOUR goals, one by one! Start the week with a positive outlook! Believe that you can...and you will! The week is yours! Own it! . Happy Monday everyone! ✨💕👌 . 📸 @annchristiiiin

I wanna talk about confidence. Confidence is different that an unattainable beauty standard. Confidence is feeling good about the skin you’re in- which inevitably has a domino effect on everything around you. Taking care of my body by working out 30 minutes a day and choosing healthy food has impacted every part of me. Working out changes the chemistry in my brain- when I started working out I became happier. Every morning I chose to work out over sleeping in, it put me in a better mood. Eating healthy foods that didn’t upset my stomach that had me feeling good- changed my body from the inside out! When you look good, you feel good. So with that said... I’m taking applications for my next bootcamp! We’re starting a new program that’s 30 Minute 4 days a week, a simple eating plan (that includes cheat meals!!) and guaranteed to get you results if you’re willing to put in the work! You can fill out the application linked in my bio or connect with me whichever way you feel comfortable! And who knows- maybe I’ll throw in some makeup tutorials cuz I’ve obviously come a long way in that department too 😂 #TheHappyPath

Countdown.... 2.5 weeks until I'm back in the mountains where my heart & soul belong. #RMNP #EstesPark #Colorado #mountainlover #hikingadventures #wanderlust #letsgetlost #purifyyoursoul #highvibesonly

It took me a while to find peace with my past but now I have, I can say with confidence that it is something anyone can benefit from 💫 • As humans, we have a tendency to carry around everything we’ve ever experienced and hang onto the emotions of how it felt in the moment. We point the finger at others and we hold anger, frustration, pain & resentment but really... the only one that is hurting by carrying this around like a giant suitcase everywhere we go is OURSELVES! • We are the only ones being held back from magnificence by doing this. We are the only ones suffering. Until peace is found, we can be triggered again & again or worse, re-create the same things again subconsciously! • So my best tip, that helped me really let go of some extra painful emotional trauma, was to meditate briefly on the experience, sit with all the feelings, accept the experience for what it was and forgive those involved (others or even myself) by saying a Ho’oponopono prayer of “I love you, I’m sorry, I forgive you, thank you” repeated 3 times and finally release it all with a deep breath • I hope you find the courage to let go of what is no longer serving your highest good 💞 Let me know if this helps you or if you’ve tried it before 🙂 Rach xx

Keep moving forward. #SelfLoveJourney

My doggies passed out to the binaural beat created by my solar plexus and heart chakra ( also a solfegio 174hz next level healing frequency and connected to the earths heart chakra) singing bowls. They’ve taken to jumping on the couch and chilling now when I play the bowls. These bowls have been integral to my own healing, especially with migraine and neuropathy so I decided to move them into my living room make it truly a #living room. 💕 #soundhealing #mindbodysoul #crystalsingingbowls #highvibesonly #solfegio #174 #pheobeandsam🐶 #dogsofinstagram

I am thankful for this beauty @anna.pierce422 and her father @bob.pierce whom chose to take this journey of parenthood and family 20 years ago with our first beautiful creation @robinpierce_ . We have had many a dance recital, art show, good cry and conscious conversation about the state of the world and where it is going. They have such hope and passion for a brighter tomorrow. I am proud of what we have built and what they are building. You were the picture of grace, creativity and style in your dancing last night, Anna. We love you. I get to raise these wonderful creations, can you believe this?!? #proudmama #fathersday #love #highvibesonly #thefutureisbright #blessed #godsgiftstome #whoisraisingwho

Thanks for giving me my wit, my work ethic, the reminder to do ‘cultured things’, making me keep my elbows off the table at dinner, and (lovingly) sending me to school the day after I found out I didn’t make the cheerleading squad in 8th grade. You taught me I can have anything I work my ass off for. And that ‘Parton pride’ that sometimes gets in the way- but usually keeps pushing me forward and has got me where I am today. I could go on and on about what you’ve taught me... I’m proud to be your daughter and love you so much! Happy Fathers Day! #TheHappyPath . . . #fitmom #tiumom #tiugirl #tiuteam #fitmomsofig #momswithmuscle #healthyandhappy #happyhealthyhumble #momsofinstagram #sweatyselfie #tiusweatyselfie #tiubridesmaid #momswhoworkout #momlifestyle #sweatsesh #girlmom #tiuseattle #wifey #joyfulmamas #pnwmom #pnwkids #notstopping #strongnotskinny #fitjourney #transformationtuesday #highvibesonly #momminainteasy #girlgains #eatwellbewell

CELEBRATING ALL THE PAPAS 💫 To all the men who are papas, grandfathers, step-dads, and pet-papas that bring us an abundance of all of the above. We honor you, we need you, and we LOVE you. Share about your Papas/ baby papas below and feel free to tag them 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼How are you celebrating? Sending you so much love and abundance. 😘😘 #satnam #elevatetheglobe #happyfathersday

#DailyTarot 🌟 I drew the  #TenofSwords 🌟 "Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well." ~ Unknown We've all been there - in situations that seem to loom much bigger than us. The Ten of Swords is the drama card, feeling like your whole world has collapsed. Allow yourself a moment to lie on the floor but don't get stuck there! There is a beautiful, golden, new dawn breaking. 💫 To book a personal  #Tarot reading DM me @angelovehub. You can also book directly through my website. Link in bio. I also help clear your energy and cut cords. ❤ Deck used:  #SmithWaite

{5 Ways to Squash Procrastination} . 1⃣ PRACTICE MINDFULNESS, if you are already aware procrastination is a problem in your business - you're half way there! Become mindful of when procrastination shows up for you so that you can... . 2⃣ ASK YOURSELF QUESTIONS, and don't fluff it off. Confront your procrastination and figure out WHY it is showing up. Are you pushing past a comfort zone, challenging yourself to level up or afraid of conflict or change? . 3⃣ FOCUS ON YOUR PASSION AND VALUE, all you hear is 'offer value' but it doesn't matter if you offer the best most comprenhensive product if you cannot show up with passion. When you are struggling to show your passion and vaule, it is because you need to... . 4⃣ STAY OUT OF THE OUTCOMES, easier said than done. Sure, numbers matter to a degree, but you must focus on your #feminineenergy and show up with passion and from a #highvibesonly place. . 5⃣ DECIDE, ultimately it is a choice to confront or stay stuck. As #fempreneurs you don't have to do anything, you GET to do this job, you GET to be creative and work from a place of passion. If you're serious, then let go of #planb and decide success is #nonnegotiable . #4kfreedom #profitaccelerator #batchyourbusinessblueprint #moneymindset #mindsetmatters #mindsetcoaching #businesscoaching #bemore #bemorethanthestory #goalgetters #crushinglifegoals #girlboss #bossbabes #onlinebusinessowner #financialgoals #financialfreedom #manifestyourdreams