Still abt these Beili babies... Synthetic horse or goat fiber...

Beili superb brushers 15pieces baby

If you're a 🍵 > ☕ person like me, you've got to try the new Legend Hojicha Tea! One of Japan's favorite tea, Hojicha is made by roasting green tea which gets rid of the bitterness and leaves a refreshing roasted taste. While you're at it, don't forget to try the limited edition Hojicha Ice Cream too that's available exclusively in 7-Eleven! #伝說 #體現日式茶真味 #傳承百年的製茶技術 #說之不盡的喝茶滋味 #北川半兵衛 #伝說焙茶 #伝說宇治焙茶雪糕

Its a red sky kind of night.

Цветы, кексы и, конечно, ваш #INOI сделают утро немного добрее :) Хорошего дня! #INOI | #БудьКруче

Heat & Cold ❤️

החלק האחרון של הארנקים שלי 😊

Snap snap snap

birthday workout lets go! Challenging myself to do 22 reps of every exercise of my working plan😅🤣 Going to be lit!!🔥 @danikaganovich style💪