Splurging... aka generate many ideas rather than focusing on one to exhaustion. While splurging improvising this week a little resemblance of a track started to manifest itself, this is from my daily morning session. Decided to finish this... help me name this project? Suggestions in comments 😜! Will update track progress daily 👁 #live #jam #synthesizers

Sound designing. #nordlead 2

👁You gotta be crazy, you gotta have a real need 👁 @abstrakt.digital

And when you loose control... You'll reap the harvest you have sown. #AbstraktDigital #LiveJams #Airy #Nordlead #Brooklyn #newyorkcity

Repost from the amazing @_r_o_y_a_ - finally get to play with my new toy, the 0-Coast (^_^) #0coast #octatrack #op1 #jx03 #jamuary2018 - #regrann

Saturday practice session while had Instagram live running for 40 minutes. No prep all improv live so also lots of mistakes, but that's the fun part of "splurging", just trying to be an idea machine rather then focusing on trying to make one idea work. My last few tracks I completed were reproductions of parts I liked while doing live jams on Instagram so I'm sticking with that formula for now...

#Repost @lucasbargenmusic with @get_repost ・・・ For this one i had some fun with: Roland JD-XI Korg Minilogue PO-Arcade PUSH 2 and some sounds i sampled from @lookmumnocomputer youtube channel and his 100 oscillators synth . Sorry mate hope you don’t mind. #jamuary2018 Full tune at link in description.