“Kyk kyyk kyyyyyyk die blomme!!” - Oupa 🌷🌷🌷 28.04.2018 #happy #tulips #netherlands #vondelpark #kingsday2018

27 Nisan gecesi Hollanda Baskonsoloslugu’nda gerceklesen “Kral Gunu” Ozel Partisinde neler oldu? ✨✌️🕺💃 Görüntüleri ceken ve kurgulayan sevgili @altugposul ‘a cok tesekkurler !! Video’nun tamami yakinda Marvinband Youtube sayfamizdan izlenilebilinir. ☝️🎥: @altugposul #marvinband #kingsday2018 #live #video #teaser #instavideo #band #coverband #cover

Spinnin duo penotti chimi’s, wat wil je nog meer?💫💫 #boekons #duopenottigirls #waveygirls #kingsday2018

Trust in God and lean Not on your own understanding. So many people likes to control their life because it gives them the security and sometimes we are disappointed when things didn’t go our way . . I have been learning to trust God’s plan more than mine because things may turn out even better than I planned . . I didn’t plan to have a reunion party with some of my uni friends @bonita.kasakeyan @dila_ramadhani and @djohandahlia on the Dutch King’s day celebration and met an awesome beautiful lady @suksmaratri on the night too. I have met her on Facebook through our mutual friend @errinamercer and to tell you a secret, I am her fan, she’s an activist, smart and thought provoker kind of woman . . That was an awesome way to end my busy day after meeting so many clients throughout the day and so glad that the Dutch embassy incorporated Indonesian’s jajanan pasar on the menu that evening, plenty of bugis ketan hitam for me 😘😘😍😍😍 . . #mylifeisablessing #godisgood #friendship #unifriends #universityofindonesia #kingsday #kingsday2018 #thenetherlands #dutch #beablessing #sastraui #blessings

#fridaymood или пара моих любимых видосиков из Амстердама 😁 Favorite - в сторис 😂😂😂

Have you ever been to a place that feels like home yet it is so far and different from everything you have ever experienced before? That's exactly what I experienced in Amsterdam a couple weeks ago 🚲 ⭐ Heads down, best week ever! What a beautiful city. The vibe was so chill and everyone was so genuine, I felt home eveywhere I went. I loved everything! The food, the beer, the music festivals, all the desserts and breakfast foods. Did I mention stroopwafels? Delish! ⭐ And then the music... OMG the music! They had some kind of house music playing everywhere. It was amazing! If I could have anything I want, I would buy a cute little house boat in The Jordaan. The atmosphere was so dreamy, I can totally see myself spending my summers in this magical city. 🌌 ⭐ To our amazing crew: Julie, Clair, Sander Leonie and the Nagys: Thank you so much for your hospitality. Our time in Amsterdam was f*** amazing! Can't wait til we meet again 💖 . . . . . . #Amsterdam #Netherlands #kingsday2018 #Honeymoonin #Valino #Jordaan #vrijlandfestival #canaltour

Het maakt niet uit hoe langzaam je gaat, zolang je maar niet stopt.⛱ . . 📍 #amsterdam #holland #netherlands #kingsday2018 #europe