I’ve been saying I was doing something hard. I told you I’ve failed at it before. This time I’m arming myself with the best chance for success! I have to be my best to help others be their best! Getting healthy in a HUGE area. #Iquit #quittingisforwinners #nomore #igotthis💪 #Hesaidso #prayforme

My have a lot to thank the allah, because my today get a lot of wishes and happiness 😘😘😘 #hugandkiss #prayforme #theday


Here is to a motivational Monday! Last week before the big final test opening on Friday! Please send me all the good luck🍀, vibes✨, or some kind of magical 🧙🏽‍♀️ spell that will help me! ▪️ Just one more step closer to becoming an EMT and helping those in need!🚨🚑♥️ ▪️ I know I’ve been MIA and sporadicly posting on here but I have to put my priorities in the order that will help me achieve my ultimate goals. I know what you’re thinking 🤔 “who does this bish think she is...” here I am talking like I’m some big deal😎 lmfao I know I’m just some random gal that has a tiny platform to pretend that some people might be following. ▪️ Now to end on a completely nerdy 🤓 note with Ed and Ian from Cowboy Bebop! One of my first and favorite animes!! Let’s Jam!! Also a big eyed wanna be anime selfie! Nerdy gal out🤟🏽🤓📚 . . . . . . #peace #rockon #motivationmonday #monday #motivation #nerd #nerdy #goals #priorities #workhard #emtstudent #prayforme #letsdothis

As believers we must know that the simplest, most effective remedy to avoid stress, is to surrender it to God. Self-help books end. Temporary comforts aren’t worth the destruction. Our therapist , relatives and friends only have so many encouraging resolutions. Th solution is P R A Y E R. God cares about us so much, that He allows us to cast all of our worries on His shoulders. Human capacity is limited. Only He is mighty enough to carry them all. Release it! When stressful thoughts attack a simple, “Here you go God, I trust you,” is sufficient. Pray before you lay!!🌹 #thatslove

Some of the workouts I'm gonna start trying #GodGiveMeStrength #PrayforMe

I’m in School to learn how to be great at my Job in the Navy.. but I am struggling with my relationship with God.. I need to #obey his #commandments and know that he is with me wherever I go. #travel #navy #relationshipwithgod #seekrighteousness and never give up! #prayforme

Doa yg baik untuk kptusan yg baik2 bg mse dpn yg terbaik.. #prayforme #futureteacher #insyaallah #medsi #😘😘😘😘😘😘


We hold on to what is familiar, missing what is really suppose to be. When you let go your heart will smile like never before.