Today's feature is Chris @maviccosmic from Sacramento CA "Proud Vegan, who enjoys cooking bomb food, adventurous, thrill seeker, mysterious, activist, animal lover, cyclist, and a nerd! I also have a dog name Ignis who is my life!" . . We asked Chris a few more questions and here are his answers. . What’s in my fridge right now? Vivo Life Thrive, Good Karma Unsweetened Flaxmilk, Cashew Milk, Broccoli 🥦, Medjool Dates, Ginger & Turmeric, Health Aid Kombucha Lemon &Ginger, Squash & Zucchini . Facts that surprise people? My age, because my looks are deceiving! That I’ve been through more than anyone can possibly imagine and still am alive and killing the game! I’m mysterious! . What I feel people take for granted ? Not caring enough, and basing someone off their looks and not what’s really inside deep down! There’s more than what meets the eye!

Raven and Elsa were huge hits!! #avlcomiccon #proudnerd #startemyoung

That feeling you get as if you're being watched/followed #trex #jurrasicpark went to #hogwarts in the name of the royal wedding 😂 ...and for #butterbeer (too good to take the pic before drinking it 😅 ) #hulk #fun #vaca #vacation #greatmemories ps. I didn't see @prattprattpratt at JP 😢 #proudnerd

Oh yea? @kennedycenter doing it up like THAT? ... #LukeCage season 2 premiere? ...with #Blastmaster @teacha_krsone? That'll save me a trip up north. Definitely gonna be worth the price of admission. #NerdLife + #RealHipHop = 1 happy prick. #MarvelFan #ProudNerd #Juneteenth #KenCenHipHop @thebiggestmigo....sup?

PROUD NERDY MOMTALITY MOMENT! 😍 isn't this just about the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? I can't wait to play Mario Kart or Halo with this mini Nerd! 😁💜 Next stop, Hogwarts! . . . . @xfuimaono @mariahfui54 @phonecia_phish44 @oisforlove #nerdymomtality #nintendo64 #xbox #videogames #nerd #futurenerd #nerdintraining #noobculture @noobculture @nerd @nerdythingspod @the_nerdy_girl_news #proudnerd #proudnerdmom #hogwartsmystery #hogwarts #familyfun #family #beautiful

The key is to achieve a balance between setting goals and making plans to accomplish these... while also being discipline yet flexible with your execution so that you can pivot and make adjustments to overcome obstacles and make the most out of the opportunities that show up! . It is easier said than done! . Track your progress, track your decision making processes, and this will allow you to improve your process! #MakeItHappen 🏆

Final exam #1 of 3: ✔️ 200 flash cards, 101%. 🤓 #finalsweek #nailedit #anatomyandphysiology #proudnerd #dogmom

Apparently when I'm sick I read even more than I usually do... ⏰⛆🤓 #bookstagram #bibliophile #bookworm #proudnerd #reading #camillaläckberg #tyskungen #nordic

That weird anime kid in school you always tried to avoid... 😂😂😂 #funnycauseitstrue #anime #proudnerd

Last night I saw the movie “I Feel Pretty” with @kay.ro87 and @go._.ham._.sammich 📽🎞 That movie, along with @yourgingerguru constantly saying during yoga “who cares what people think” really are starting to sink into my head. This past weekend, I met a personal trainer at a friend’s birthday party. I asked him about the process of becoming a personal trainer, and he asked me if I trained (after I said I have been interested in becoming a personal trainer for a while now)...and that question instantly made me feel as if he was judging me based on how I looked. And for some reason, that bothered me, even though it was a total stranger’s opinion. It made me feel like maybe I’m not good enough to pursue that dream because I don’t fit the body type. I started to say “well I was injured...” but honestly, that was just an excuse. Because you know what? I think I look DAMN GOOD. 👸🏼 AND I am MORE than good enough to become a personal trainer, especially since my injury hasn’t held me back from being active (aside from skiing 😑). WHY is it that we place so much emphasis on how we look, who we are as people, and pick ourselves apart?! That interaction over the weekend and last night’s movie have fuelled me - to really care less about what others think and to be proud of who I am (I struggle most with this 🤓 #nerdforlife). And if anyone made it this far down (congrats 🎉) YOU are AWESOME too, just the way you are. And you should start believing it. 💗