We spent a day in San Fran - had brunch, visited the sea lions on the pier, saw the bridge of course, did a drive by on the Full House house - but being so limited on time was hard! We tried to do and see as much as we could before heading to LA, and even ended up missing our flight 😅 still I’m sure we missed out on some great places/things, but that just means we’ll have to come back! 💁🏻‍♀️ • What are your favorite spots in SF, where should we have gone, and where should we go next time?? 💕

Lombard: The Crookedest Street in the World ⠀ (not really) ⠀ .⠀ The curvy one-way drive along with the steep slope of these blocks makes for a fun ride that’s also a visual treat. But did you know that Lombard isn’t truly the “crookedest” street in the world? That honor belongs to Vermont Street between 20th and 22nd streets in the Portrero Hill neighborhood. (Don't tell them I sent you). Though technically slightly curvier than Lombard, and an interesting sight in its own right, this street doesn’t have the visual beauty that Lombard Street has, which is why people flock to Lombard Street to take photos during their visit. Why the street so crooked? The answer is safety. The naturally steep grade of the street posed a severe safety hazard. In the 1920’s a property owner in the area suggested the scenic for aesthetic appeal while increasing safety for pedestrians. That guy literally made this street 'Famous', now let that sink in for a minute. 🤣

Seen along the Embarcadero... Just a little detail in SF's landscape of things odd and wonderful. #whimsicalcity #sanfranciscolove

Sunrise mission turned into a moody rooftop adventure last week! 🏙 Thanks to @foreignzeus for the sweet spot, and good shooting with @andrewoptics @kanecandrade @paulclark @maxloew @scottys.frames @dan.dvong! Friends make waking up for sunrises all the more fun! 🤗🙌🏼💫 _ _ _ _ _
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Cool Truck Finding Credit: @cfwein 😎

It was 102° this afternoon in Sacramento, Ca. This amazing watermelon wheat beer from @21stamendment was absolutly perfect on this scorcher of a day. This is a summer must. My Rating: 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 Beer Facts: Like Lady Liberty, we stand for independence and perseverance. In the pursuit of innovative beer, there is no obstacle too great. No journey too long. No fruit too gigantic. This American wheat beer is brewed with real watermelon, for a flavor that’s surprisingly crisp, dry and refreshing—it’s summer in a can! Hell or High Watermelon Wheat is our summer seasonal beer available from April through September in six pack cans and on draft. We start by brewing a classic American wheat beer, then add fresh melons for a straw-colored, delicious beer with a kiss of watermelon aroma and flavor. . . . . . #beergasm #beer #craftbeer #beerporn #beerstagram #beergeek #beers #instabeer #beerlover #beertime #beerme #beernerd #beersnob #beertography #beerlovers #craftbeerporn #sanfrancisco #sanfranciscobay #california #sanfranciscolove #sanfranciscobayarea #sanfranciscocalifornia #sanfranciscolife #sf #wanderingfatkid #thewanderingfatkid #follow #like #comment

San Francisco 😍. Довольная как слоник 🤣, потому что нашла крутое место в городе . @alikaeva_ekaterina спасибо за фоточку . В следующий раз стартуем прям отсюда 😘

Today is definitely hoodie and sneakers weather, but I’m at work in shalwar kameez 😢 Let’s go eat pakoras and drink chai? ☕️ #zmeetsworld #sanfranciscobay