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Waking up to blue skies and red, hot sunrises somehow creates the most potent formula for self-belief and courage. Do you feel it too? If we redefined badly to ‘beginner’ would you finally try that thing that’s been on your mind for a while now? Whether you 4, or 44, 18 or 38, 55 or 99 there is nothing wrong with being a beginner, or starting a new chapter in your life. Or ask yourself why does it matter to you if you’re not brilliant at something immediately? Why is that even a thing right now? If you explored why this feeling, this idea, this nudge kept coming at you would you then feel a little bit braver to take a step towards it? Sometimes it feels like walking through treacle when we even dare to think about trying something new... a part of our adulting brain try’s to shut it down and so it stays on the list. This happens to us all. Our fear trying to keep us safe, just trying to protect us. ______ But, I remember a few years ago, one of my best friend’s little ones reading to me and it was the most beautiful thing. Sure, she didn’t know all the words or even the right way to pronounce all the words. But did she care? Nope, she just got really stuck in and went for it. She was so persistent, I felt like she was teaching me a lesson, to not be afraid, to feel my way through what I was being called to do, to not be afraid of making mistakes, to spend time with people that want to honour and cultivate my learning and to get in touch with that part of me that had been buried, that child-curiosity, that enchantment. Thank you Rosie. _____ Today, explore your resistance, write down all the stories you tell yourself about why you can’t try or do that one thing. Read it back and ask yourself “is this true”? ________ #followyourdreams #forward #onwards #justdoit #lifecoach #yogateacher #dowhatyoulove #joy #intentionalliving #loveyourself #journal #gratitude #fillyourcup #womenempowerment #selfcare #wednesdaywisdom #livewithintention #mywords #thoughtoftheday #loa #powerofpositivity #lifequote #givingthanks #thankyouuniverse #universehasyourback #therapist #brighton #hypnotherapist

EXCELENTE .... @doloresylolita Regrann from @doloresylolita - Ya que el mundo anda modo boda real y todo lo relacionado a la realeza británica, me pareció a lugar este post que tenía pendiente desde hace algunas semanas. Esta marca @ghhurt con tan solo 2000 seguidores en su IG es la que le han hecho las mantas para el nacimiento de los hijos de los Duques de Cambridge... al descubrir esta cuenta llegue a una gran reflexión. para los que piensan que el éxito será mayor mientras más seguidores tengas y invierten mucha energía en subir ese número creo que estan equivocados, realmente el éxito esta en tener clientes REALES y satisfechos... invirtamos más tiempo en mantener satisfechos y felices a aquellos que han confiado en nuestro trabajo para que vuelvan y a aquellos que quieren hacerlo por primera vez llegaran simplemente publicando lo que con amor, entrega , esmero y calidad se hace. Ah y otra cosita que en mi análisis descubrí, los miembros de la realeza no pueden recibir regalos de ningún tipo ,así que no crean que las usan porque se las regalan para publicidad 🙈 , las usan porque confían en su marca ❤.Feliz noche #Repost @ghhurt (@get_repost) ・・・ Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Charlotte. . How three years have flown by so fast. You now have two brothers to share your birthday with! . #WednesdayWisdom - Princess Charlotte wore our 'Elegant Soft Wool Baby Shawl' as a newborn; featured in the photo. - #regrann