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Myślę, czy nie machanąć płyty.. Trochę materiału mam, producenci się odzywają, sztab ludzi za plecami, którzy dobrze życzą.. Chyba zrobię płytę.. . No i namówiliscie, robię płytę - solo. Myślę o czymś lokalnym, może zaproszę kilku gości na featy, ale o tym innym razem. :) . . Miłego wtorku wszystkim :) 💪 💪 💪 . . . #hiphop #szarak #wisdom #rap #recording #samarytanin #instagood #gdansk #gdańsk #polishman #poland #daily #instadaily #lp #cd #album #nowerzeczy

So, Today I met a child while I was shopping at Traders Joe today. She was someone who can halt anyone in this store & she had the ability to distract customers away from finishing our shopping list just to get us to listen to how she sees her world around us. Seriously, no joke! She got me! . . At the end of my shopping, when I was in line in my asile to check out & there she was with her tall beautifil mother, who was full of curiousity towards to my cashier. My cashier was a fella with a big attractive mustache. She walked over to my asile to ask my cashier a bunch of questions like no one in the room existed. Even her mother was nervous how confident she was… But this 6 yr old didn’t care & everyone around her were leaning over to listen to her from their asile while I was struggling to grasp these beautiful details because obviously I’m Deaf… I tried to lip read. . . What was funny, while I was watching this bittersweet moment, the woman before me was restless to leave & didn’t appreicate an once of what this young beauty had to say. It made me realize that this generation is dominated by rushing things without appreciating the beauty that takes places behind moments like this.. . . At the end, it turned out that my cashier figured I was Deaf & said he knew sign language because his wife is an interpreter. All I could tell him was how I wished his wife was there to interpret this precious moment from this child’s endless view over his mustache. . . Right there, this tells me how deep a child sees the world over the simplest things when we are too busy living life of a fast paced generation of just getting by… . . At that moment, all I could think of, while we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about . . A child will ask questions when a wise human cannot answer. We see life differently because we are born into a different generation that will help us appreicate life differently.. . . Children find everything in nothing; while humans can find nothing in everything. . . We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing . . #wisdom #life #children #tradersjoe #monday #appreication

The ugly truth about our society. It is deeper than just music. The truth is hard to digest when you play a part of the problem. I see things from a different perspective, society will never want to be part of the blame, most average people who work for a living act like they can connect to something positive, then blame artist for rapping about guns, drugs and violence lol 😂😂😂😂 #realtalk #reallove #believe #believeinyourself #video #nbaplayoff #lebronjames #faith #wisdom #blessed

We are the queens 👸🏽 of our own destiny. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Living the African dream ✊🏽 Illustration: Nokwanda Themba #womenempowerment #womenrock #queening #frofordays #love #light #wisdom

☾ Creating realities Of Heart’s desires; Sensing all that’s real. Being an anchor Of what’s to come — Silence... It’s here now. Through me, It has already arrived. #deathforlove

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